This is my poor attempt to blog. My hopefully not so poor attempt to live.

June 2014:

Why I’m doing this…..

– I’m 31 years old and I’ve never had to try that hard to do more than a few things in my life.

– I love living in excess, I love not stopping fun.

– I care way too much about what people think about me, until I get cocky and I don’t care what anyone thinks about me.

– I want to help people.  I want to take control and make sure that I get on the best path I can find.

– I know that I need to be held accountable by others.  This will hopefully be seen by a few people that know me, and will be used in that vain.

– I actually love writing.  I want to incorporate that.

– I want to have a place to post big things I plan to stop living Mon-Fri and partying the weekends away.

– I am scared to put this out there, and it’s time to do something I’m scared to do.

And finally, I have no idea what my MS really means for me, I have no idea where this road goes, and I have no idea how I’m going to react along the way.  I want to have a record for myself, and if possible, for anyone curious, to see what this trip entails.

– Matt