Climbing The Mountain.

by mvw110




Ok, this will be a short one… It’s just meant to go with the video and the tiny fundraiser I started today.

Check it out:

Basically I failed at a hike last year before I broke my ankle because I was lazy and out of shape.  I’m going to do the same hike in less than 4 weeks.  I am also raising some loot for The Northern California MS Society.  I will plan on matching $200 dollars if we get to that point (as of 12 midnight on 7/11/14, we are at $140 already), so I’m getting the checkbook out 🙂

Anyway,  the link is right here.  All of the money will go directly to charity, and if I do this in the future there will be multiple charities, not just the ones that directly effect me (personal pet peeve because I’m crazy and overthink everything).

Again that fundraiser is riiiiiiight here….

I’m not asking for a ton of money, do whatever you can.  1 buck, 2 bucks.  that’s amazing.

Finally, any of my friends in SF.  Come with me.  Join me on the hike!  I can fit 5 people in the Acura, but we could find more cars.  Let’s go get it done together, and you can even laugh at me while I bitch and moan my way up the hill.

Thanks for all who donated, you are all awesome.

– Matt